This online language service is made for the busy medical professional who is committed to improving their English abilities. The course designs are structured to maximize your learning and minimize the required time. You will be able to focus on learning English specific to your field and cut out the activities that don’t apply to your needs.

The aim is to help you:

  • get the attention you’ve been waiting for by polishing your public speaking events and speech delivery
  • get the speaking practice you need to prepare for various medical licensing exams
  • prepare for work or study abroad by connecting native pronunciation, advanced grammar, and phrasal verbs to your medical specialty.


Course material is specially designed into three options to help you accelerate your objectives as a health professional:

Choose the course that works for you. The monthly package includes one-on-one online classes and track your results online notes, quizzes and recordings. Check out our unbeatable class rates:


how it works:


Complete an intake form here. When you finish you receive a email confirmation receipt with your student ID. On your intake form, you can choose to have a Paypal invoice sent directly to you or purchase the course of your choice online here!


Schedule your class online! Simply select your desired time slot and date. If you have to cancel no problem, we’ll reschedule any cancellation done at least 24 hours before the class. Full charges may apply for cancellations done less than 24 hours before the class.


Receive your class confirmation via email. You won’t need an account with “Zoom”. Simply install the app and enjoy all the benefits of an online class!

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