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 For the medical professional who works in, or is looking to work in the health sector in English in any country. Take this course individually or with a group and save.

screen shot 2019-01-04 at 5.34.31 pmMedicine 1 for careers: Patient Lifestyle

A patient’s health can be heavily affected by their lifestyle. This course looks at some of the major health issues like obesity, smoking, alcohol, stress, and lack of exercise.  It can be difficult to change habitual behaviour and this is easy to see from our own behaviours, Here you will learn techniques beyond ‘must’ and ‘should’ to connect with patients and help them make lifestyle choices beneficial to their health.

Grammar and vocabulary practice is all presented in a natural way related to patient lifestyle. Listening, speaking, reading and writing activities are practical examples that you can connect to real situations.

what’s included?

  • easy online registration
  • fully equipped online classrooms with whiteboards, sharing and more!
  • virtual homework drop off and return
  • a copy of class notes
  • voice recording assignments to accelerate your pronunciation and grammar skills
  • interactive online exercises
  • grammar test and writing assignments included

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